About Us

Welcome to our company

PowerTron India Private Limited is a global provider services for managing energy sector construction risk. PowerTron India Private Limited is an organization with the objective of safeguarding investment, human life & property and the environment.

Our Mission

  • Customer Satisfaction by achieving Customer requirement fulīŦlment in all aspects.
  • Continually improving the effectiveness of customer focused Quality Management System.
  • Performing our work to the Extreme Standards of Safety & Quality by following applicable Statutory & Regulatory requirements.
  • Ensuring that our Contractors, Subcontractors and Suppliers meet and exceed our quality Standards.
  • Motivating our own employees and Contractors to maintain their work activities through QMS documentation as per standards and the same will be helpful for us towards tracking of completed scope.
  • Induction program to be provided for man power at work place in order to make awareness & to explain the importance of Safety & Quality to be maintained at site.

Our Goal

  • To stay honest with ourselves.
  • To maintain and continually improve the Quality of Management System.
  • Quality of Work Completion.
  • Quality of Services.
  • Safety Measurements at our site.


Wind Energy
Solar Energy
Electrical LT/HT