Wind Mill Services

Wind Mill

Taking a wind project from fully consented to fully installed requires multi-discipline engineering expertise, along with a working knowledge of heavy cranes and wind turbine installation logistics. Add project management capability and you have a Renewables First Wind installation engineer!

The wind installation phase starts with the design work by our expert wind consultants to produce the site layout. This requires a topographical survey to determine ground features and levels affecting construction, a geotechnical survey to determine the ground conditions and design requirements for the foundation at the turbine location and an earthing survey to check the ground resistivity (required to design the electrical earth system). This information is then used to determine the location of the main items, such as the turbine centre, the wind turbine transformer and the high-voltage sub-station (if required). Once the locations of the main items are fixed the on-site electrical distribution can be designed and the cable trenches and routes specified.

Wind Mill Installation

We work with specialist structural engineers to get the groundworks designed and specified, and then manage a tender process for the works with several civil engineering contractors to ensure best value. Similarly we specify the high and low-voltage works required and put the works out to tender with specialist subcontractors.

Once the contractors are selected we project manage the process to ensure everything runs smoothly. In parallel we take care of the liaison between the client and the wind turbine supplier and heavy lifting contractor to ensure all of the access upgrades and crane pads are delivered on time and to the correct specification.

Once installed our wind consultants will arrange and oversee the G59 testing and turbine commissioning until the Final Acceptance Certificate is issued. Throughout the installation process the Renewables First Project Manager is the first point of contact for the client and will keep them up to date on progress.